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I know I haven't posted for A LONG TIME! Truth be told ----> I am using my blogspot more than Livejournal. So, this account will only be used for communities and stuff of that nature. If you have a blogspot, or want to view mine anyway, the URL is:

Thank you so much if you actually read this journal. I apologize for not posting a single word in forever. Please follow and support my blogspot though!

The journal will still remain friends only however. Just an FYI.
- Taylor Rae


We will miss you Jasmine You...

Yes everyone.
Earlier today, Jasmine You passed away.
This came as quite a shock to all Versailles fans and the band themselves.
We were all rooting for his illness to pass.
So it's quite hard to hear, especially for the fans whom have been there since Versailles' beginning.
So today's post will be dedicated to Jasmine You.

I met Versailles in October of 2008.
It was their first show on the East Coast.
I was so excited.
When I was up getting autographs from the band,
Jasmine You grabbed everyone's hand
Looked them deep in the eye
And expressed his thanks for the fans support.
He was really a genuine and sweet person.
He was also beautiful in and out of costume.
Not many people can pull that off, lol.

Jasmine You Pictures, Images and Photos
He is truly a descendant of the rose...
Jasmine you and Teru Pictures, Images and Photos
(Him with fellow band member Teru)
He will always be missed!

Rest in Peace Jasmine You!!!!!!
- Taylor Rae
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we miss him dearly~happy birthday hide

for some reason, when I remembered something important, my smile became full of sadness.

as i remembered, "without you" popped in my head (by YOSHIKI)

tomorrow, December 13, 2008, would be hide, the guitarist of X Japan's, birthday.
hide was born on December 13, 1964. he passed away May 2, 1998

hide is an important role-model in the visual kei community. he had amazing talent, both in guitar and vocals. he still remains one of my role-models alongside KAMIJO.

so, this post will be dedicated to hide and X Japan members, YOSHIKI, Toshi, Pata, and Heath.

Happy Birthday hide. we miss you dearly~
Hide Pictures, Images and Photos
hide, we will never, ever, ever forget you and your smile
R.I.P. December 13, 1964 - May 2, 1998
tomorrow, please take the time for a small moment of silence, and remember hide. he is forever in our hearts as the pink spider, our smiles as a funny guy, and our ears as he could play the guitar and sing like no other.
- taylor Rae