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Princess Days

I like Turtles :D

Taylor Rae
Hi there! My name is Taylor Rae~ I'm 16 years young, and I'm a Virginia Lolita! I love to cherish the sweet and cute things in life, whether they be small or big~ as long as they are adorably sweet, I love and cherish it! My dream is to one day design cute lolita clothes under the line "STRAWBERRY CHILD ~Ichigo no Kodomo~." I already have some designs that I drew out, but being 16 with no clear idea of how to correctly sew, it's difficult. :D But I'm starting small. I, with my mom and dad, am designing lolita-esque jewelry and will make "STRAWBERRY CHILD ~Ichigo no Kodomo~" an eBay store. Please look forward to it!!! :D